Mammoth Pasta Bake

The Cooking Rat’s mammoth pasta bake by layer:

1 Ragout & Pasta: chicken, Italian sausage, pork, steak, tomatoes, red wine & the usual veg (carrot, celery, onion etc).

2 Penne Pasta: under-cook the pasta ( we did 9 mins instead of 12 mins for this pasta as it will cook on when baking in the juices). Mix with the ragout and put down first layer in your lasagne/roasting dish.

3 Béchamel sauce: butter, flour, bay leaf, shallot (remove shallot after sauce thickens) & cheddar, Parmesan and pecorino. Add finely chopped sweet onions.

4 Veg: Aubergines, mushroom, red & yellow peppers & fresh chillies finely chopped.

5 Sausage: Italian sausage chopped into pieces and fried till nicely browned (not cooked through – so no nibbling for the Greedy Rat).

6 Cheese: pecorino, parmesan (micro planed) & cheddar. Sprinkle over sausage and then slices of mozzarella. Finish with little shake of dried chilli flakes.

Bake pasta @ 180c for about 25 mins. It was spilling over, bubbly & brown.










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