Fishy Pie

The fishy bits: smoked haddock, (lightly) smoked salmon, monkfish, squid & prawns.
The pie mix sauce: cream and milk base with bay leaf, parsley stalks celery, dill, spring onion and Dijon mustard.
Topping: mashed potato and gruyere cheese.

Stock base: Infuse the milk with the bay leaf, celery, dill and smoked haddock & salmon (whole fillets with skin on). Bring to just before the boil, turn off and leave to infuse.

Remove smoked haddock & salmon, from the sauce and flake into chunks then set aside.
Strain the milk ( to remove stock veg and any fish scales).

Make the sauce: make a roux and then add the infused milk to create a thickened white sauce. Add finely chopped dill, dijon mustard and season.

Prepare the rest of the fish by chopping into chunks and then start building the pie.

Add spring onions then the sauce to the fish.

Mash Potato Topping:
Bake potatoes, then scoop out, mash and mix in gruyere & some spring onion.

Top off the pie with mash potatoes.

In the oven at around 180c for about 45-50 mins.


Served with minty peas.



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