Roast Forerib of Beef

A Birthday Supper for The Cooking Rat’s mother
1x Forerib of Angus Beef (3 ribs/3.8kg feeds 7) (you’ll need an oven thermometer & internal meat thermometer)
Potatoes for roasting
Beef Stock
Beef Shin with bone
Stock Veg: shallot, carrot, celery
Herbs: bay & lemon thyme
Yorkshire Pudding
500g sifted plain flour
8 eggs
300ml milk
300ml water
Salt, pepper & lemon thyme
Courgette au gratin
4 courgettes
3 eggs
Double cream
Salt & pepper

Slow Roasting the Beef
Take beef out of fridge to bring to room temperature. Per-heat oven to exactly 70c. Use oven thermometer to ensure correct temp.


Pre-heat pan until smoking and brown the rib on both sides and skin side.





Stick internal thermometer into beef and cook for several hours until internal temperature reaches 54c (for rare through the whole joint).

The beef won’t give off much by way of gravy using this method so make with some stock, veg, herbs and a little bit of beef shin (with bone if you can). Brown shin in a hot pan (use the rib pan), deglaze with some red wine, pour the whole lot into pot and add herbs, veg and stock. Simmer for about 3 hours. Strain and reduce until flavour intensifies.

Roast Potatoes
Peel, and chop potatoes to desired size of roaster. Par-boil and then roll in seasoned flour, then olive oil and roast in hot oven until done.

Courgette au gratin
Sliced courgette par-boiled and scattered oven dish. Whisk egg & double cream, season and pour over courgettes then mix in most of the grated cheddar. Top with cheddar, dot with butter and sprinkle cayenne pepper. Put in hot oven for about 20 mins (until set, puffy and brown).

Yorkshire Pudding
Thoroughly Whisk or food process ingredients together to get air in.
Rest in fridge for at least 20 mins. Then pour into muffin tin (pre-heated tray with a dribble of oil until oil is very hot). Bake at 200-210c for about 30-35 mins until risen. do not open oven door during cooking








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