Goosey Part III – Rendang

Goosey Part III – The final battle….. A Rendang curry.

It was a big goose okay. There’s only two of us and we had to contend with this:


(We did have a proper left overs meal in between the Goose Risotto and this dish.)

Normally we make Rendang with beef, but the bird lends itself well to the dish as the flavour is strong enough to survive the spices. The Rick Stein recipe if the Far Eastern Odyssey is great.

Rendang Curry Ingredients
See Rick Stein’s Recipe here. Make the paste.

Then soak the tamarind, remove the seeds and strain the liquid into a bowl.

Bash the rest of the lemon grass and put aside.
Lightly dry fry the shredded coconut and put aside.
Use a large thick bottomed pot to heat the coconut oil and add the cinnamon, star anise, cloves and cardamon. After a couple of minutes add the paste and fry for a few minutes.
Then add all the other ingredients (except the left over goose) and simmer the mixture for a few hours.
Add the left over goose towards the end just enough to heat through and take on the flavour. Be careful not to over cook as the goose will disintegrate and go mushy. Sprinkle fine strips of spring onion over the top of the finished dish.

We served with boiled basmati rice. There was enough left over to form part of a spicy banquet for a post x-mas pre-new year guest.. (Rendang is on the left)



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