Chicken & Mushroom Pie

An entire roast chicken goes into this dish. You could save the legs and get another supper out of it.
One small whole roasted chicken.
Dried shiitake mushrooms
Chestnut mushrooms
Bay leaf
Parsley stalks
Spring onions
All butter puff pastry

Either roast a small chicken, or cheat like we did and buy one pre-roasted. Waitrose do a really good rotisserie chicken.

The Stock
Joint the chicken. Take off the breast and legs and strip off the rest of the meat meat from the carcass – set aside.
Chop the carcass into quarters (poultry shears help).
Place in a large heavy bottomed pan and cover, just, in cold water.
Add the roughly chopped vegetables, a bay leaf, parsley and spring onion peel.
Bring to boil, skin, then turn down to a bare simmer.
Skim regularly and simmer for few hours.
Strain and then reduce without boiling and constantly skimming.

Pie Mix
Soak the dried shiitake mushrooms. Set aside the mushrooms for later. Retain the mushroom water (pass through a sieve to remove any grit).
Make roux and then add the stock to create a good thick sauce.
Add cream to enrichen.
Now fry the halved chestnut mushrooms in butter and add to the sauce along with diced shiitake.
Cut the chicken meat into good sized chunks and add to the sauce.
Add the sliced spring onion and then the mushroom juice.





Cook through and set aside.

The Pie
Grease the pie tin with butter.
Roll out the pastry and lay into the pie tin with enough to hang over the edges.
Fill the casing with the pie mix.
Mix a little egg to brush along the edges of the pastry.
Roll out another piece of pastry and cover the mix. Crimp the edges together and cutaway any excess.
Cut a little hole in the top.
Crimp the edges and lightly brush with some egg.
Bake till pastry done (35 mins @ 175c).




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