Roasted Veal Short Ribs with Mash & Green Beans

The cooking rat has had this recipe nestling in the back of his brain for a few years. Spotting veal ribs in the butcher triggered the memory of Anthony Bourdain’s dish.
This is one of the most delicious things ever and you should all try it.

The Ingredients
Veal Short Ribs x 1 kg
Onions x1
Garlic x 2 cloves
Bouquet Garni (Thyme, Parsley stalks & bay leaf)
Sherry Vinegar x 65 ml
White Wine x 125 ml
Demi glace x spoonful (reduced beef or better, veal stock)
Good extra Virgin Olive oil
Maris piper potatoes
green beans

The Short Ribs
Slice the onion and lightly crush the garlic.
Put into roasting dish with bouquet garni.


Put wine, vinegar and demi glace into saucepan. Bring to the boil and once thoroughly combined pour over the onions.


Cut each short rib into about 3 pieces. Massage in the olive oil, salt and pepper. ( we only realised later that it was better to have smaller pieces). Pour the liquid mix over the onions.


Place the pieces in one layer on top of the onions.

Put the dish of ribs into a cold oven.
Turn to 170c and leave for 1 hour. Turn and baste.

Then cook for another hour, turning and basting every 15 mins.

After 2nd hour, if there is still lots of liquid, strain it and reduce liquid for a bit.

Turn oven up to 200c and cook ribs and liquid for 30 mins. Turn and baste regularly, until everything is a burnished brown.


Garnish with fresh parsley.


Make baked potatoes.
Meantime put a hunk of butter into some milk, cream, salt and butter.
Once potatoes are nearly there warm the butter, cream and milk mix.
Cut open the potatoes and scoop the fluffy insides into the the milk.
Beat and mix the potato.
Blanch green beans and serve with the veal & mash.


Sticky and lovely……Served with a Patrimonio – perfect recommendation from great new French wine shop on Moxton Street near the Ginger Pig (not la Fromagerie), will post the link once I find the website.



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