Jerk Chicken & Coconut Rice

Summer is coming and the BBQ is getting hot…..
It’s been a while since my last post as I’ve had the rather tedious task of sitting exams for the first time in 13 years (conversion from Scots law to English law). Yes, it was boring, very boring, but here’s something to get those synapses firing away again.

This is a dish for legs (ok maybe drumsticks or thighs, but not (gasp) breasts)….whole legs.

The Marinade
Use this great recipe for the marinade ingredients but add a good bit of garlic.
Jerk Chicken

Whizz all the marinade bits together.




The Chicken

Lather up your legs with the marinade, critically, get a little between the skin and the flesh.
Leave for 24 hours if you can.





Cooking the chicken:
There are a number of ways of cooking this chook. We’ve tried oven roasting then finishing on the BBQ. Lovely and you can catch the liquid for a sauce. But if you want it roaringly crispy and sticky then BBQ only is the way to go.
This time we went for crispy skin and it was bloody delicious. You can moisten it up with some creme fresh and salad at the end.
Try to get the BBQ to a heat not too fierce, cook for about 45 mins turning regularly.


Long grain rice
2:1 liquid to rice
Liquid: chicken stock & coconut milk
Red onion
Ginger (powdered or fresh)
Whole scotch bonnet
the method
Finely dice some red onion and cook in veg oil till it starts to brown.
Add lots of chopped garlic and the rice and cook off a bit.

Add a couple of bits of mace whole and the ginger along with a good bit of thyme leaf (fresh good but dried fine).
Stir in well and cook for a couple of mins.

Then add liquid and the whole scotch bonnet to infuse.

Cook covered for about 15 to 20 mins until the rice has sooked up all the liquid.
Then rest,still covered, off the heat.


Served with salad & creme fraiche salt and lemon.



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