Triple Cooked Korean Belly Pork & Pickled Vegetables

Ingredients for the pork

  • Belly Pork – skin off, bone in or boneless (as you prefer)
  • Chicken or pork stock
  • Ginger – a lot
  • Spring onions – plenty
  • Garlic – plenty
  • Cinnamon stick
  • Sugar – Asian if possible
  • Zest of a whole orange
  • A lemon
  • Button mushrooms
  • Dark and light soy
  • Korean Gochujang Chilli Paste
  • Korean fermented soy bean paste (Doenjang Paste)

Method – Pork

  • Slice 2/3rds of the ginger roughly (no need to peel ), 
  • Add ginger to the chicken stock with: few smashed garlic cloves, the green half of the spring onions, cinnamon, a little sugar, orange zest, splash of dark soy, a great spoonful of the Gochujang Chilli Paste and about half as much of the Doenjang Paste.
  • Bring the mixture up to the boil, add the pork, then enough water to ensure the pork is covered.
  • Simmer pork for 90 minutes.  Then allow to cool in the broth.
  • Remove the pork, strain the broth and bring it back to the boil.
  • Add the rest of the ginger finely chopped, another big spoonful of Gochujang Chilli Paste and splash of light soy.
  • Reduce until sauce is starting to thicken a little.  At this point slice the pork thickly (if on the bone one rib per slice).  
  • Fry the pork on a high heat until crisp and golden on each side.
  • Return the pork to the sauce and simmer adding the halved button mushrooms, lemon juice and salt to taste.
  • When the sauce has thickened pleasingly and the pork is meltingly tender, sprinkle over the chopped whites of the spring onions.
  • Serve with steamed jasmine rice and the pickled vegetables.

left: Doenjang. right: Gochujang

sauce before pork goes in

sauce after pork goes in

pork cooling and resting

Ingredients for the Pickled Vegetables

  • 1:2 cider vinegar: water 
  • Sugar – a little
  • Coriander seeds
  • Ribbons/thin slices of chosen vegetables (we we used carrot, cucumber, fennel, chilli, red onion, raddish)

Method – the picked vegetables

  • Salt the veg once sliced and leave in a strainer over a bowl for 30 mins.
  • Heat the water, vinegar and coriander to bring to the boil. 
  • Rinse the veg then put in a bowl and cover with the hot pickling liquor.
  • Leave to cool and then serve with the pork.



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